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How Can I Pray for the Suddeth's?

Our Marriage- As we walk through this journey and pursue God's will, that He would continue to bless and strengthen our marriage.

Our little one- That at an early age God would make himself known. That he or she would come to a knowledge of the love and acceptance of Christ and develop a strong relationship with the Lord. Please pray with us that they grow up to be a might man or woman of God.

Wisdom and Direction- That the Lord would make clear the right path as we pursue different avenues of this journey. This journey will inevitably have many shifts and turns, but we know that God will continue to give us a clear path and direct our steps.

Peace- That in moments of uncertainty, the God of all peace and rest would show up in a tangible way.

Provision- That He would provide every need, both spiritually and financially. The financial burden for adoption is great, but OUR GOD IS GREATER and he is our provider.

Birth Parents- Adoption comes from a place of brokenness. It takes incredible courage and the ultimate act of selfless love to come to the decision to place a child for adoption. Please pray with us that no matter the situation, the Lord's presence would be with them. That God would show up in their lives in a new and incredible way and give them the strength that they need for their journey.