I was reading over 1 Samuel 2 today where the Lord calls out to Samuel. Over and over again, Samuel continued to be confused at where the calling was coming from until Eli understood and shared that the calling was coming from the Lord. Now, the passage tells us that “Samuel did not yet know the Lord (1 Samuel 4:7)”, but I couldn’t help seeing myself in this story and I know that I am not the only one out there who can relate.

Samuel was uncertain of the voice that was calling him, but he was still quick to answer the call. So many times in life we allow uncertainty, apprehension, and doubt to control our pursuit of, or answer of our calling. Even though we may experience those feelings, they do not change the authenticity of God’s calling on our lives. The God of Shalom can find us in the midst of those feelings and remind us that his calling for our lives is achievable with his grace, strength and guidance.

As we sit here in these initial paperwork steps of our journey, Evan and I are reminded that feelings of uncertainty and concern are normal and that we can throw all of those at the feet of Jesus and he will guide us through the calling.


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