Over the last decade I have had the immense blessing to grow up and go through life with my high school sweetheart. We met our junior year of high school and have been together ever since. Those acid wash jeans and white basketball sneakers really just made my 15 year old heart flutter-or maybe it was the bad pick up lines over facebook messenger. I have watched Evan grow from a fun young boy to an incredibly strong man of God. 

We have experienced all of our major life milestones together and I am so blessed I get to do this journey with Evan. He is the most selfless and caring individual I know. He always goes above and beyond to make sure that those around him are taken care of and happy. He is corny as can be and has somehow managed to master the "dad joke" before even becoming a dad. I can't wait to see him get to put that talent into practice! 




My sweetheart, Ansley. I have gotten the pleasure to watch my wife grow up from high school and it has
truly been a blessing in my life. Seeing her grow up in Christ and become the beautiful woman she is has
been amazing. She has always been there for me through times of laughter and times of sorrow. I am so
lucky to have her as my wife because she is my best friend. She has a contagious spirit of laughter and
fun and has the most tender heart towards people. She is always pursuing excellence in her job and her
personal life and I admire her persistence and motivation. She has a heart full of love, peace, wisdom,
and courageousness that I love, and I will always be in love with my sweetheart, Ansley. There is no
doubt in my mind that Ansley will become the perfect mother of the child we are blessed with because
she is an incredible wife.


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